Our Service

Who we are?
We are a Chinese Internet Marketing Company in northern JiangSu province.We are a young team. Most are less than 30 years old. But all have more than 5 years of Internet Marketing experience. Skilled with Chinese e-commerce and Baidu promotion.

What Can I do for you?
1、Open and Manage Chinese online stores on Tmall,JingDong or Taobao.
1.1 Check If you can open a store in China? And What is needed?

1.2 How many will cost to open a store?Make a budget for you.

1.3 Help you to contact the platforms and open a store for you.

1.4 Image processing and Chinese Description.

1.5 Products competition analysis.

1.6 Online Chinese customer service.

1.7 Warehouse and delivery for you.

1.8 Products promotion and get traffic.

1.9 Sales promotion and manage all for you.

2、Baidu SEO Or Baidu Ranking.
2.1 Submit your site to Baidu and make your site indexed by baidu.

2.2 Posts and backlinks in Simplified Chinese.

2.3 Seo reports and Suggestion to you.

2.4 Make your site on the first page of Search results page.

3、Blog posts or news release.
3.1 Post your articles on Chinese famous blogs or forums.

3.2 News release on Chinese famous news sites such as sina,sohu,net,tencent.

3.3 News on any industry websites.Such as Cosmetics news only on women sites.

How to contact us?
Email: lulunluck@gmail.com

Wechat: lu7656

Location: Yancheng,JiangSu province,China.

How to pay us?
1、You can pay us by Freelancer or paypal.

2、You can come to China.And I will sign a contract with you.Then you can pay us.

About me:

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