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The combined transaction volume of Taobao Marketplace and reached 3 trillion yuan in 2017,more than that of all US retailers and e-commerce sites combined. JD is one of the two largest B2C online retailers in China As of September 2017, the platform has 266.3 million active users.Now both JD and Tmall has accpted Companies from other companies.You can ship products from your country.JD and Tmall are top 2 online E-commerce websites in China.

How much cost to open a Tmall Global store?

1、Security Deposit
1)Unless otherwise specified, the security deposit is RMB 150,000;
2)For Merchants that sell products to two or more countries, the security deposit is RMB300,000;
2、Annual Technical Service Fee
Merchants that operate on Tmall Global must pay an annual fee. The annual fee amount will take reference to A-level categories, and is divided into two price rates: RMB 30,000or RMB 60,000. Please refer to the “2017 Tmall Global Technical Service Fee Breakdown for Different Categories” for the corresponding annual rates and standards for different A-level categories.
3、Real-Time Deduction of Technical Service Fee 2% – 5%
Merchants that operate on Tmall Global must pay a technical service fee in accordance with a certain percentage of its sales (including delivery costs). Please refer to “2017 Tmall Global Technical Service Fee Breakdown for Different Categories” for Tmall Global’s different rates and standards for technical service fee of different categories of goods.

How much cost to open a JingDong online store?

What can I do for you?

1 Check If you can open a store in China? And What is needed?

2 How many will cost to open a store?Make a budget for you.

3 Help you to contact the platforms and open a store for you.

4 Image processing and Chinese Description.

5 Products competition analysis.

6 Online Chinese customer service.

7 Warehouse and delivery for you.

8 Products promotion and get traffic.

9 Sales promotion and manage all for you.

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How to pay us?
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