Alipay will launch a new generation of face-brushing payment products

Now, new technologies such as face recognition and face payment are driving the transformation and upgrading of all walks of life, and a variety of new jobs, industries and market opportunities have emerged. Since its large-scale commercialization was announced in August last year, alipay has been fully helping merchants connect online and offline to improve user experience and efficiency. Today, ant financial announced that it will launch a new generation of face-brushing payment products in Beijing on April 17.

It will upgrade the technology and incentive policies for merchants, and bring new service upgrades to the new retail industry. According to official data, since alipay announced the large-scale commercialization of face-brushing payment, it has landed in more than 300 cities in less than a year. In the Internet of things industry, the upstream and downstream industry chain related to face-brushing payment has spawned 500,000 r&d, production, installation and debugging personnel, and the scale is still expanding. According to statistics, the average annual salary of the installation and debugging staff of alipay face-brushing equipment and unmanned containers reaches 150,000 to 200,000 yuan.

With the continuous expansion of ali platform effect, the upstream and downstream industries paid 258.1 billion yuan in taxes and created 40.82 million jobs. Face recognition has solved the problem of queuing congestion for incoming passengers of Shanghai hongqiao high-speed railway station and guangzhou subway. Facial payment is popular in retail supermarkets such as cp lotus and red flag chain. People who forget to bring their mobile phones can also easily pay the bill.

After the launch of the people’s hospital of jiangxi province, the waiting time of patients in the queue has been shortened, and it is expected to solve an “old and difficult” problem of medical treatment experience.

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